Easyjet named best-value airline in UK

Easyjet has been named the best-value short-haul airline in the UK, seven places ahead of British Airways.

The ranking by flight comparison website Skyscanner was created by comparing the fares and associated costs of 20 of the most popular carriers that operate in the UK, including in-flight food and drink, seat reservations and luggage fees.

Ryanair, the Irish carrier renowned for its low fares, boasted the lowest ticket costs of all the airlines, with an average fare of £90.67, but was priced out of the top 10 thanks to its “baggage charges and on-board catering costs”, Skyscanner said.

“It’s important to note that if baggage charges and on-board catering aren’t important to travellers then Ryanair might be the one for them,” the flight comparison website said.

Easyjet, however, shot to the top of the table with both the second cheapest average fare (£121.52) and cheaper additional charges.

Skyscanner’s senior growth manager said: “When booking flights travellers can often be confused by what is deemed to be a bargain and what isn’t. It’s very easy for a traveller to book a great flight deal only to realise that the extra costs for baggage and seat reservations have taken them over budget.”

Mr Ritchie explained that, while different travellers have different requirements – such as checked luggage and pre-selected seats – there are plenty who want the extras, but perhaps don’t always add up the additional costs when purchasing their flight.

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