Five Hints for Bike Travel

Adventure Cycling’s January Member Drive is in full swing and if you’re like us, you’re probably enduring the doldrums of winter by dreaming of warm weather and of course, bicycle touring.

While there’s no denying that bicycle touring can be a delightful and life changing experience, there’s also no sugar coating the trials and tribulations that inevitably come with spending extended time on the road.

Don’t let the challenges of bicycle travel put a damper on your next trip. While you look forward to warmer days, here are some tips to ensure your next tour is the best one yet.

1. Be prepared

The sunshine that greeted your morning can quickly take a 180 degree turn for the worse. Be sure to pack layers — a light to mid-weight jacket can make all the difference in variable weather.

2. Hang out with the locals

You’ll be traveling through exciting new places. Take some time to get to know the people (and animals) you encounter along the way.

3. Pack light

Your next tour doesn’t have to be 3,000 miles with loaded panniers and racks — a seat post mounted pack works great for shorter overnight trips.

4. Rest and Relaxation

Don’t be afraid to give yourself a break, and never pass up a rest stop with a view.

5. Splurge on treats and snacks

You’re doing it! Celebrate your achievements big and small! Bike touring can test the best of us, so always remember to congratulate yourself and most importantly, have fun.

Setting out on a bike tour from your own backyard may be the most convenient way to start your journey, but if your itinerary has more far-flung plans in store, Adventure Cycling wants to help you out during our January Member Drive.

When you join Adventure Cycling this week, you’ll be entered to win a Pioneer rack from Old Man Mountain, and free round-trip shipping from BikeFlights.com to get your bike from point A to point B and back again.