Trendy Gummy Market

A recent study has revealed that the Gummy market is a trend that will continue to grow through 2025. Sweet gummies aren’t just for kids anymore!

Many consumers enjoy gummy vitamins, which facilitates the process of taking vitamins. For those who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, gummy vitamins can be an excellent alternative. Plus, many prefer the gummy variety of vitamins for the taste, while receiving the nutrients they are seeking.

Traditionally, the gummy delivery platform has performed well in the children’s market, which will continue to remain strong. However, there appear to be even greater increases in demand in the adult and senior markets. It’s possible gummies could also see share transfer from the traditional confectionery market, surpassing current projections.

Multivitamin and mineral blends are the most popular active ingredients in the gummy platform, based on product development requests received by Herbaland Naturals. When formulating gummies, it is important to consider certain factors insignificant in other delivery systems. For example, taste is most important, so although gummy manufacturers may have advanced taste-masking techniques, selecting good-tasting raw materials is helpful and produces a more acceptable result, ultimately yielding a greater probability of success for the product. Other factors to consider are color—as many active ingredients can have powerful or sometimes off-putting colors—and of course, dosage, which can be used to determine serving size when given usage rate.

It’s no secret consumers are becoming more health conscious, so it’s important that formulas are free from potentially harmful ingredients, such as artificial colors and flavors, allergens and genetically modified organism (GMO) – sourced materials. Traditionally, gummies have been made using a starch molding process. Starch used to form the gummy molds is reused, and there is a significant residual amount left on the products after they have been shaken and blown off. Therefore, this technique presents significant challenges ensuring the gummy products are not contaminated. Newer, more advanced techniques, such as direct depositing, are vastly superior to the traditional starch molding techniques.

BUT: Just because gummies are cute and taste good, don’t think of them of as treats and don’t take too many!